Anvil Brand Horse Nails have been in the market for decades.These horseshoe nails are manufactured in a roll process andhave a high tensile strength. Sold in 250 count boxes.Anvil Brand Nails have a more rigid shank than most nails.Additionally, our sizes refer to shank length, and ournail heads have a more Euro size to them, differing froma traditional American City nail head. These features arewhat our customers like about Anvil Brand Horseshoe nails.Often called hoof nails, horse nails or horse shoe nails,the terms are interchangeable and the hoof and nailare important to horseshoes staying attached to the hoof.About 1.90"(49mm) long. .260 wide, .190 thick head.

Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
City 5view specs
$22.36 for 1-7 / $20.12 for 8+
City 6view specs
$24.60 for 1-7 / $23.34 for 8+
City 7view specs
$32.17 for 1-7 / $28.95 for 8+