Straight Bar PERF Ortho Insert

When using the bar on Warrior shoes with side or quarter clips or on the Warrior Special shoe, the effect of the modification is enhanced by the shape of the toe of the shoe. FIELD OF APPLICATION • Founder/Laminitis • Pathologies of the deep flexor tendon • Pathologies of the check ligament of the deep flexor tendon • Chronic navicular disease • Palmar foot pain • Inflammations of the ligaments of the toe • Hoof cracks EFFECT • Expansion of the palmar support area without modification of the palmar lever arm • The curved bar reduces the risk of losing the horseshoe due to pulling the shoe (in comparison with shoeing with palmar extension • Increase of the angle of the coffin bone on soft soil • Reduction of the tension of the deep flexor tendon and a reduced load on the navicular area • Without frog contact: protection of frog and palmar hoof section (navicular bone, attachment of the deep flexor tendon) on all types of soil • With frog contact: continual increase of the load-bearing surface in the palmar hoof section, regardless of the type of soil