Wide Branch Ortho Insert

The inner or outer horseshoe branch can be widened by welding in a wide branch bar. By narrowing the opposite branch (grinding, fuller cutting), the effect of the shoe is enhanced on soft soil. Grinding/forging the outside (ground side) of the narrower branch (“rolling”) intensifies the effect on any type of surface. Both can be combined. FIELD OF APPLICATION • Damage to the collateral ligaments (widening on the side of the pathology / narrowing on the opposite side / rolling on the opposite side) • Unilateral osteoarthritis of the toe joints (widening on the side opposite of the pathology / narrowing on the side of the pathology / rolling on the side of the pathology) EFFECT • One-sided increase of ground contact area • Increased sinking in of the opposite side on soft soil • Relief of collateral ligaments on the widened side • Relief for unilateral osteoarthritis on the side that was not widened