Center Bar Ortho Insert

FIELD OF APPLICATION • Founder/Laminitis • Pathologies of the deep flexor tendon • Pathologies of the check ligament of the deep flexor tendon • Chronic navicular disease • Palmar foot pain • Inflammations of the ligaments of the toe • Hoof cracks EFFECT • The Central Bar has a wide range of applications. Using this bar in conjunction with a hoof packing can provide support to a specific area. Additionally, using the Central Bar without packing can provide protection. • If you weld in the Central Bar in the middle of the shoe with the dorsal border behind the tip of the frog you can cut out the toe of your original shoe and you will have a H-shoe. This shoe offers the positive effects of an open toe shoe without the need of having a bar at the palmar/plantar end of the shoe at the same time.