The Diamond Pony shoe is designed especially for small hooves. This shoe fits most ponies and some miniature horses..

  • Manufactured with high quality steel
  • V-crease
  • Small size fits majority of pony and miniature horse hooves
  • Punched for small nails – 4-1/2 Race
  • Generic shape is easily fit for fronts or hinds
  • Shape easily fit for front or hind
  • Small size provide ideal option for ponies
  • High quality steel provides excellent wear
  • V-crease provides more secure nail fit
  • Proper nail placement for easy application on average pony hoof
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Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
Diamond Pony 0view specs
$4.66 / PR for 1-39 / $3.86 / PR for 40+
Diamond Pony 1view specs
$4.66 / PR for 1-39 / $3.86 / PR for 40+